What is Bitcoin?

This page was a lot longer back in 2013, when I built this site. I'm assuming everyone and their nan knows about Bitcoin now, so here is the short intro:

Bitcoin is a digital currency. It works without physical banknotes or coins and without the need for banks. Remember banks? They sell mortgages to people who can't afford it, then SELL OFF these mortgages, nearly go bankrupt, get free money from the government at 0.1% interest, give out NEW mortgages to the public at 4,5% interest (if you're lucky) and they have the bloody temerity to charge you for HAVING an account with them.

So the sooner we get rid of banks (and stock exchanges, while we are at it), the better. Enter Bitcoin. Here is an introduction to it (Please note I'm not the voiceover on this video!) that might help:

See also: http://www.weusecoins.com/

I also highly recommend this episode of Planet Money about BitCoin: