BitcoinVoiceover - here to help!

Hi, I'm Martijn Warnas. Please, call me Martin. I'm an experienced voice-over artist, operating out of The Netherlands and I can help you with a voice recording in English, Dutch and German for your:

- Voicemail or voice response system
- Instructional video
- Promotional video
- Commercial
- Narration for a museum tour
- Video game (character voices, narration)
- Software application

aaaaand.... I take BitCoin. (And LiteCoin.) But I take other forms of payment too, of course. In fact, you will get a proper quote and an invoice. I'll gladly provide a free custom demo, too!

So, this is what I sound like:

Yeah, mom is very proud :)

Here is a sample of me voicing a voice response system. (We all LOVE hearing these, don't we?)

To hear EVEN MORE examples, please visit my other site: (which also has a bunch of FREE files!) or my Youtube page.

My terms and conditions are very simple:

1. Free demo never a problem
2. I'll do the work and send it for review with an audio watermark.
3. If you're happy, I'll send the clean file (no more watermark) after your payment has been received. I'll have done all the work, because you will have heard me doing it in the watermarked file. If you're not happy, I'll work on the file until you are.

I also take payments via Paypal (Euro and USD) and if you're Dutch I can send you a plain old invoice via email and you can pay via a regular bank. But Litecoin and Bitcoin are accepted!

Please note your invoice will include 21% sales tax unless you can prove you are exempt from Dutch sales tax, for instance by providing a verifiable EU tax registration number.

Contact me via: info(at) for more info, a quote or a free demo!